Services of Arnik

Holding festivals of culture, art, sports, etc. in order to provide a space for happiness, fun and entertainment with competitions, as well as holding related exhibitions next to the festival

Holding national and international specialized exhibitions with commercial purposes in various subjects to present and sell products and services related to the title of the exhibition

Holding short-term training courses with concluding contracts with government institutions and bodies and with the cooperation of various organizations and bodies

Holding conferences with the goals and fields of culture, art, science, education, trade etc.

Holding official congresses at the national level with specific topics with the characteristics of a large number of participants, a recurring program at specific intervals and smaller meetings in the form of workshops, panels etc.

Holding conferences with formal agenda for negotiation, consultation and exchange of information to find solutions, solve specific problems or decide on specific agenda items

Holding scientific and educational seminars focusing on the importance of the skills and experiences of prominent and knowledgeable professors in various fields

Holding workshops in public and private to exchange ideas, open discussion and provide practical ways to develop skills and transfer experiences with maximum participation of participants and the minimum presence of the workshop manager

Production of TV programs and specialized cyberspace programs along with content production and development of broadcasting strategy, along with all the mentioned programs

Obtaining the necessary permits for holding from the relevant centers

Reservation of conference halls

Design and implementation of various stages considered in conferences, festivals and anthology by the thinking room

Providing and equipping locations for holding conferences, festivals and anthology in the most professional way

Coordinating and inviting people and guests to hold

Having professional teams for promotion

CIP and VIP ceremonies with the best ceremonial cars

Possibility of holding press conferences and interviews by members of the media

Organizing and performing all audio and video affairs related to the event

Establishment of security system (presence of manpower, gate system and digital)

Catering professionally by experienced staff for organizers and guests