About Siko Holding

Siko Holding was established in September 2017 with the aim of holding conferences, seminars, festivals, workshops and national and international exhibitions.

Then, due to the need for the executive affairs of the above events, the design and advertising unit in the fields of print advertising, urban and environmental advertising, as well as cyberspace advertising was added to Siko Holding.

After a while, the IT unit started working in the field of website design and implementation, SEO and site support, as well as designing various applications in the Siko family.

It should be noted that in addition to the activities of all units that have the necessary overlap with each other while being independent, the business unit is also active, which cooperates with all companies in the field in attracting work projects.

And such Siko Company proudly provides its services in all the above cases, and we will continue our activities from now on under the name of Seiko Holding.